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How to Get Pirate Faction Ships


EVE Online: How to Get Pirate Faction Ships
The player character racial factions all give out their own ships, A pilot looking for status and style might require to buy the blueprints that let him make a pirate faction ship. All he needs is the right faction standing and the right equipment.
The Caldari Raven, the Gallente Megathron, the Amarr Apocalypse, and the Minmatar Typhoon are the racial faction ships. Other NPC factions offer ship blueprints to players that faction’s trust. The Serpentis Faction offers a ship that modifies the Megathron design, but the Serpentis faction is not the only pirate faction that gives blueprints to players.
Requirements for Pirate Faction Ships
A pilot must earn the faction standing with each group before he can earn a blueprint ship. A list of the factions that hand out blueprints is included here for the convenience of the reader.
Each faction’s agents have their own cost for the individual ship blueprints. In addition to the faction requirements, the agent may ask for pirate dog Related Posts, trade goods, or another ship. A pilot most also turn in a positive number of the appropriate Nexus chips before he can buy a faction ship.
Even if a pilot has a high faction standing, an agent might not give a pilot faction ship blueprints. Agents will offer pilots ten random items based on his standing with the faction.
Eve Online Pirate Ship Prices
Most Eve Online players will have an interest in obtaining the battleship. Each ship blueprint has its own faction requirement and specific cost. The Eve Insider website has more detailed information about the requirements for frigates, cruisers, and battleships.
•0.000 – (1x) 1 run Frigate Blueprint (In exchange for 90 million credits)
•75.000 – (1x) 1 run Frigate Blueprint (In exchange for Dog Related Posts)
•350.000 – (1x) 5 run Frigate Blueprint (In exchange for Dog Related Posts)
•250.000 – (1x) 1 Run Cruiser Blueprint (In exchange for Dog Related Posts)
•400.000 – (1x) 8 run Cruiser Blueprint (In exchange for 2 billion credits)
•450.000 – (1x) 5 run Cruiser blueprint (In exchange for Dog Related Posts)
•500.000 – (1x) 1 run Battleship Blueprint (In exchange for Dog Related Posts
•800.000 – (1x) 1 Pre-Built Battleship (In Exchange for 90 million Credits)


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